Thursday, September 2, 2010


Do you feel guilty about what is happening in our Earth today? Like are you guilty of the drought that is happening nowadays? Dams are still on their critical level and there are still places who suffer of dirty water from their pipes and to others, no water at all. Do you feel guilty of the landslides that are always on the news specifically on mountain roads going to Baguio? Don't you think you are somehow the reason why electric bills are going up as well as why oil price hike and the hurricanes and tornadoes happening around?

I am.

In my little ways, I know I am responsible of all of this. Every time I charged my laptop or open a desktop computer, Every time I watch TV and surf the net. Every flush, every bath, every brush.

Do you feel the same way?

Lets take a closer look. What are we exactly doing to our Earth and all the living things in it? Human activity broke the balance of nature through greed, irresponsibility and negligence. Someday the Earth will reach its tipping point where it will become irreversible. Its gonna be a difficult life, if not for us, but for the generations after us. Could be our kids, or grandkids. If you are also a parent like me, can you take it if your kids will someday drink waters from Pasig River just to survive the feeling of drought? Can you imagine them getting skin diseases due to suns over radiation? Close your eyes for a while and imagine the future of the warnings of the global warming... Open your eyes if you can't take it anymore and decided to read on so you can do your share in respecting and protecting the environment not only for our future but also for our next generations' future.

Every small act of ours affects the greater majority with regards to our environment. Let us all gather together and commit ourselves to protecting our environment from now on. Lets not be selfish and think of the generations that will inherit the Earth from us. I am calling all the bloggers. Lets make our part.

Climate change and Global warming isn't only for one particular nation, but for every nation. Here in the Philippines we experience it already by  extended dry season and over amount of wet season. Its already wet season as of today and yet like I said our dams are still on its critical level, and who would forget the September 26, 2009? When Ondoy and Pepeng destroyed lots of lives and properties and businesses.

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