Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The christening is scheduled at 11:00AM. When we arrived at the church, I was wondering why theres a wedding going on inside the church and its the schedule for my daughters christening. I didn't know that the church have this Baptistry room where all of the baptism was held and I dont have any idea where is it located in that church.

So I just sat there at the church carrying Ashly who is wearing her beautiful pink dress and talking with my friend Malou. Its ten minutes before 11AM and the wedding is still far from over that I saw my friend Leah one of the Godmothers walking at the left side of the church going somewhere. So I immediately stood up, followed her and called her. She said she thought she was late. I asked her where is she going, and she told me that the baptism area was on that side of the church.

So Yeah, Look at this picture. There is obviously a wedding going on because of that bridal car in front and there is the location of the Baptistry area.

Here is e and Ninang Leah talking to each other outside the baptistry

The Video inside the Baptistry

Here are some shots inside the baptistry area during the christening

The Baptism Rites took only for like ten minutes or less. Yeah that fast, because there were no more seminars like what I am used to when attending a Christening. 

Here are the photos taken after the Baptism up to the reception.

Lolo Luis and Emily had this moment by the bay

Emily with Tito Ogie

I took this following shots. Played with the Nikon D5000 that is formerly mine.

  • Primarily I am so happy that my daughter Asly was finally baptized. She's already a Christian and I pray that she would embrace this faith and love and serve our Creator the best way she can.
  • This is a very sacred sacrament to be celebrated with close friends and relatives.
  • I get to be with my old friends and I would like to thank them now for coming: my high school friends Tracy, Leah, Grace, Joi (with her husband Christopher and daughter CJ), Victor and his wife Maui with their beautiful daughters. My college friends Rosmar, Christine, Cristina, Randy, and Richard of course with fiance Malou. Raymond is also there with us and I also thank him for coming.
  • Seafood party! Tempura, Baked Mussels, Calamares, Lapulapu, Sinigang na Hipon
  • It is also good to be with my husbands relatives also. I thank them all for coming. We used to go to Bulacan for like once a month before. But now, we cannot do it anymore because we have no more time at all. The store is consuming all our time now and thank God for having a nanny for Ashly. Thank you to Tito Dading and Tita Joving for coming. Ronald and Grace with their sons Robbie and Ralph. Tita Nelia with Carol, Leet and Malou with kids JM and JP, Che with kids Vhin and Coleen, Eric with kids Fiona, Roy and Chloee their cousin AA with his wife is also there. Christian with cousin Alvin also came. 
  • Mica Felipe, one of the beautiful ninangs is also there with her two bodyguards err... brothers Ige and Nano.
  • My Ate Susan with her daughter Tin also came. Marie the late ninang with friends Cris and Abi. My niece Liezl with boyfriend Robert. 
  • Lolo Luis and Lola Sary with Larry. 
  • Jeff, Nhils long time bestfriend and our bestman with his wife She.
  • Thank you all for coming! 

  • 5 minutes before the start of the Baptism, Emily whispered to Daddy "Daddy, I need to poop and pee now."
  • During the baptism, Nhil's cellphone beeped very loud, and the nerve of this Daddy, he replied to that message right in front of the Priest!!! 
  • The baptism took only for ten minutes which is incredibly fast. Photographers got only a few shots and its done.
  • Since the baptism were that fast, most of the godfathers and godmothers who were late do not know where to go when they arrived because we were already at the reception.
  • One Godmother got a very funny experience. She arrived 11:30. One church staff asked her if she is going to the baptism, so she said yes. She was directed to the Baptistry area. When she got inside, she was so shocked that she doesn't know everyone and it was a different childs baptism already. She was so shy to get out of that room so she just stood there and wait until that baptism is over. So when she arrived at our reception, we were like teasing her that she went on a different baptism and then she will eat at our reception hahaha!
  • I didnt get to chat much with all of the visitors. I didn't get to talk much with Vic and Maui. with Grace and Joi and Tracy and Leah. We didn't even have a picture together. Huhuhuhu!
  • Go back to the previous picture anf look at the button pin souvenir. Yeah, I got Ashly's name mispelled huhuhu. Instead of Ashly, I mispelled it with Ahsly. FAIL!
Anyways, The Christening is still a success because first of all, Ashly is now a Christian and it is celebrated with the love of our relatives and friends...

Thank you all for the presents (diapers, milk, money, dresses) 

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