Thursday, September 2, 2010

HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY BLOGGER!!! #bloggerfiesta

Me and Mich with Azrael and the speakers
My first time to attend a blogger fiesta meetup and its celebrating Bloggers 11th Birthday! I have been a Blogger user since I learned how to blog lol! Well its not that very long though since I started learning the ways of blogging just January of 2010.
Here are the details about this event:


sched of program:
August 31, 2010
2pm – ingress
3pm – decoration
5pm – food delivered
6pm – event start
7pm – food fest
8pm – bloggers conference
9pm – games and raffles
10pm – internet all the way and networking
1030pm – event end
Blogger speakers for the conference hour
1. Jonely Uy of and
also for and
2. Fitz Villafuerte of
3. Jomar Hilario of 
I arrived there late because husband delayed me for like 30 minutes plus the traffic from Sampaloc, Manila going to Taguig. So I reached Fullybooked at 7PM already but theyre not yet starting. yey! 
My bestfriend Mich is already there waiting for me at the StarBucks on the Third floor in her business attire while me on my jeans :p.
When we got to the fifth floor I first went to Sir Jomar Hilario my Internet Marketing mentor and greeted him and introduced him to Mich. He told us to register first and then join him in the table.

I got cheeseburger from Jollibee and Mich got the Krispy Kreme doughnut for our food. 

The event started with networking where each one of us will go in front and introduce ourselves. About our blogs and anything you want them to know about you. 
Thanks Sir Jomar for this photo ^_^
Me, and Mich with Sir Jomar
Out of the 100 people who confirmed, 85 arrived so it is such a successful event organized by Azrael. Its also fun meeting him. 

I am also happy meeting Sir Fitz of Ready to be Rich! I am a big fan/subscriber of him. He is one of the speakers and he talked about getting more subscribers. I also learned something from another speaker  Jonely Uy of like having a DSLR is better than a point and shoot digital camera when going to events because people will pose for you because they think that you are a proffessional photographer and that their picture will come out on magazines! haha! Sir Jomar of course talked about blogging to earn. Please do visit his website here and learn the ways of Internet Marketing for FREE!

Busy Bloggers Networking

While waiting for the others
Its nice talking to fellow bloggers and learn something from them.I also want to take this chance of thanking the speakers Jonely, Sir Fitz and Sir Jomar for sharing, Azrael, Ma'am Janette Toral, Paul, Mama MiaAllan Inocente and Jay. Its nice meeting you all!

Heres a video by Azrael where we all greet Blogger a Happy Birthday I am on the 0:38 ^_^



PS. For more picture here is the Link to Sir Jomars Blogger Fiesta Album and my album 

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