Thursday, May 13, 2010


This might be too good to be true but there is a new forum who is launching a contest where you can win a prize just by referring other people to register, create a lot of threads, and post a lot of comments. Here are the details of the contest and you have to be a member in order to be a participant in this contest. So Cool so please everyone sign up and make money! Sign Up Here. Please include "pinaymom" as your referrer when signing up. I might share the prize with you if you do this and won a prie as well if you pass on the news and make your friends sign up.

To all WEF Members,

I am excited to announce you our contest for the month of May. All April results have been reset so everyone has a chance at winning at the end of this month.

I have divided the contest into 4 categories this month - Top Referrer ($25), Most New Threads Created ($25), Most Total Number of Posts ($25)and Most Number Polls Created ($25).

For the Top Referrer Contest, just give your username when referring people to register in our forum. Those have registered from May 1 to 31 are qualified as a referral. They must have a valid email address, and must post at least 3 messages in the forum, either a reply to a thread or a new thread.

For the number of new threads created, the winner must have at least 10 threads created to qualify as a possible winner. Advertisement posts are not counted as a thread.

For the most number of posts, you have to have at least 10 posts also in a month to qualify as potential winner.

And lastly, for the Most Number of Polls Created, you must have at least 3 votes in the polls you created to qualify as potential winner.

So that's it WEF members, time to get going and bring the forum alive with new members and new posts this month of May!

Good luck to all participants! Have a great day, weeks and month ahead! Cheers!

A friend reffered me here and she won $50 already. She is my proof that this is legit and not a scam... 

See You There!!!

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