Thursday, August 19, 2010


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Pasay City Chapter will take the lead in this year’s commemoration of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) day with the theme “Geneva Conventions: Compassion Amidst Armed Conflict”, which aims to increase awareness on the basic principles of IHL and promote its observance in times of armed conflict.

The IHL is a set of rules which place restrictions on the use of weapons and methods of warfare. It protects people who are not, or no longer, participating in hostilities.

One of the events for this year’s celebration is the Run for Humanity where a hundreds to thousands of PRC supporters from the youth sector, 143 volunteers, local government units, NGOs and the general public will gather to participate in the said run.

“The IHL Day is observed every August 12 of each year. It is a time to review of what needs to be done to revive humanitarian law and the world’s faith in its long-lasting values. Every year, we are organizing a Walk for Humanity to raise public awareness on IHL. But this year, through the efforts of Red Cross Pasay City Chapter, we are conducting a Run for Humanity,” said PRC Chairman Richard Gordon


This event was held last Sunday, August 15, 2010 and I registered to run a 5 kilometer race. Since I was drunk the night before because of my sisters birthday party, I was late in the event. So late that while I was still inside the taxi cab looking for the starting lane, the runners are already running along Diosdado Macapagal, that I already laughed at myself and told the driver to bring me to the Finish lane already!

I am with my friend Mich who registered for a 10 kilommeter race (who is also late like me haha!). We ran with the 3k reistrants hoping to catch up with the 5k and 10k runners (which is quite impossible already).

So we just enjoyed the lateness and started running-walking-running phase. Here is our only shot together because I brought my camera with me:

So while doing the running-walking phase, we saw some crowds of people taking pictures with a guy whic we cannot see because of the number of people sorrounding him. When we got there we saw Chairman Richard Gordon. So we took a picture with him also.

And since Mich is registered to a 10k run, I told her to go and leave me because shes got a long way to run. I took some shots though when I reached the 5k turn, the sponsor Pocari Sweat which is my first time to try. When I reached the finish line just by walking and a bit of running (haha!) The organizers gave me my certificate already. I think I finished the 5k in about... an hour!!! hahah!

Life saver in every run

I am so half way there!

Im Done!

Tired shoes?


Mich is planning to join a run every month and I am thinking of joining her. I may not be living a healthy life, but I am definitely in for this running lifestyle. Figaro run is the next in line for next month. We haven't registered yet, but Im still running for 5k... or maybe 10k.. hmmm...


Gee said...

wow. mukhang exciting. may photo ops pa with sen. gordon! :)

campus runner said...

hi lhen... nice blog... would you happen to know if the race results are already out? if they are can you post a link to it? thanks.