Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My sister Marie turned 21 last August 14, 2010. I told her I couldn't come because Emily is sick. But the truth is that I am planning to surprise her and bring Emily and Ashly there because they missed my kids so much already.

When we got there, Marie was so happy to see Emily and Ashly and so is my Nanay and Tatay to see us again.

This party was a Blast!!! Nanay and Tatay provided 1 box of Gran Matador for my sister and I prepared Blue Margarita. My favorite! haha! My Ate Susan cooked spaghetti and some chicken feet. Approximately, 20 - 30 people attended. A mixture of my sisters friend from around the neigborhood and from Jollibee where she is currently working.

A videoke was rented and a friend provided the sound system for the party which made the party full of fun with dancing and partying.

I still feel comfortable with the younger crowd hahaha! Its nice to meet my sisters colleague in Jollibee and seeing again her childhood friends having fun.

So here are some pics I wanna share but if you are a facebook friend, you'll find all the pictures with videos on my account...

Marie. The birthday Girl

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