Friday, August 20, 2010


Are you infected with "comparisonitis"?

It is mainly a term of comparing yourself to others, comparing someone with others, comparing ones work or your work with others. Its a deadly illness that will eat out all the self esteem in you. 

Comparisonitis make you feel stressed, worthless and depressed. If you are up to something good and you saw someone did it already, it will make you stop and do nothing at all. A negative emotion. A vampire that will suck out all the confidence left. You never give chance to develop your talent, your gifts to be used because your brains are eaten by this virus. 

Is there a cure?

Yes of course! STOP COMPARING! Easy huh? Just kidding. 

It will all start by being grateful. Be grateful of what you are and what you have. Its not like being yourself but its about accepting yourself. Theres nothing wrong with you. You are perfectly fine, Try to be more thankful with everything around you. (Oh, thank you for reading this article! ^_^) . Gratefulness is the entrance of positive things to come in your life. It is the antibiotic for comparisonitis. 

View it in a different perspective like instead of comparing your work with others and with your work being less, try to thank the person with whom you compare your work with because you learned something from it. Be thankful of the new knowledge that you could get from those who work better than you. 

I believe all of us are unique in our own little ways. Comparisonitis should be killed. Maintain being positive with yourself. 

If you are poor, stop comparing with the rich. Learn their ways and work harder to become rich! Be thankful you are poor because when you get rich by working harder, you become compassionate with poor people and you can inspire them with your hard work. 

Inspire. Inspiration. This should be the view of comparing. It should make your life more exciting and do more. 

Life is so short to waste time with all these negative influences. Enjoy it, savor it, be grateful and in the end we will become peaceful, satisfied and successfull...


Gee said...

well said lhen. there's a lot to enjoy about life and you can never enjoy what you have if you're busy looking at other people.

Lhen of PinayMomJournal said...

yup. tnx gee. i was infected by this before but not anymore! lol!