Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Time the Pinay Mom entered a Blog Contest

This is my first time to enter a blog contest and it is from Karen lisa's website Bright Autumn Sun. I can get to win a beautiful Swarovski crystal heart charm from AJ Design Jewelry.

It is only for US and Canada residents and I am based here in the Philippines but there is someone special in my life that is living in the US whose having a birthday this coming month. This charm is a perfect gift for her. So I asked Karen if I can join and will give a US address if ever I won. She said yes and now my fingers are shaking, praying to win this charm and make this someone special happy on her birthday. Sorry I cant name this someone special yet because she might read my blog and she doesn't know any of this plan of mine.

Joining a blog contest is somehow exciting. Its like doing everything the host want you to do online in order to earn points for more chances of winning. Actually this blog is a part of it and I can get three points through this. Tweeting about this is one point and a lot more task to earn points just visit Karen's page anyway and join.And AJ Designs are so cool! Those jewelries makes me drool! Go check it out and see what I mean.

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