Saturday, April 24, 2010


My friend Mich is working on Ice Monster Desserts and they planned to renovate their website because it hasn't been updated for a long time now. They need to do a lot of food shots for the website in order to update some new products.

Their photographer suggested to have some people shots with the ice cream preferably some kids eating Ice Monster. The owner of this company suggested his nephews in order to cut costs. Mich on the other hand suggested my daughter Emily to be included also and her boss said OK.

So after a few days of some planning, the photo shoot were scheduled and Mich helped me to find the clothes that Emily will wear during the photo shoot. It will be held at the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna a well-known theme park here in the Philippines. We get to go there for free but not allowed to go on any rides.

We were already at the location at exactly 12NN. Emily was a little exhausted from our trip (Sta. Rosa is 1 hour drive from our home and the weather is so hot here. When we arrived, Mich served us 7 cups of different flavors from Ice Monster! Emily liked the chocolate flavor, I got my favorite Choco-Mango Ice and my niece Tin got the cookies and cream. There were also the strawberry ice that looks good and yummy but i'm not a fan of strawberries so I didn't touch it.

While we were eating these yummy Ice Cream, Richard Tuazon my male BFF, (remember him from my previous post?)is already taking shots of Emily while eating her Ice Cream.

On the set, when they were about to shoot, Emily felt tired. Maybe because of the hot weather and the fact that she is already full which made her feel sleepy. She dont want to follow instructions at all and all she did is just wipe her eyes and never smiled at the camera. I pulled Emily out of that table, embraced her and told her that she did a good job and its ok to get tired.

So she rested for a while and watched the other kids while they were taking their shots. We stayed inside Ice Monster for that whole day and Emily just keep on playing in and outside the store while Mich and the photographers were finishing their job.

This is one memory I will never forget, Emilys first photo shoot (without any audition haha!). I get to help my friend Richard to polish his skills more in his new found passion in photography, I get to meet Raymond (he's the proffesional photographer on this project). Also, this is the first time I see my friend Mich work.

I thought there wont be an approved shot of Emily because of her tantrum that day but luckily, the owner Mr. Gary Chan found one on Richards folder. This shot is taken when we just arrived and ate that first batch of Ice Cream! Emily wasnt wearing her best dress yet. The good thing about this picture is that it looked natural that Emily is actually eating and enjoying her Ice Cream (even though she is eating "champola" on his shot).

This is Emilys photo to be shown in Ice Monster Website and will be printed for a couple of Ice Monster Branches.
Thank You Richard for this wonderful wonderful shot!
Thank You Mr. Gary Chan and Mich for this opportunity.
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

Here are some behind the scenes shot on that day

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