Monday, March 15, 2010


Today is my husbands birthday. He doesnt know that I'm blogging about it haha! And he doesn't care anyways.

But its celebrated yesterday. We bought some ingredients for a spaghetti last Saturday. He cooked it yesterday and served it to our lady boarders. I bought a cake at Goldilocks but that is for Ashly naman for her 1 month old birthday celebration.

Nhil gave 1 bottle of The Bar for the girls and everyone had fun. Eventhough its a Sunday night and all of them got classes tomorrow, We all get to bond on this one special night where;
  1. Nhil get to celebrate his birthday
  2. It is so new for the boarders that he gets to talk to them and serve them and gave them a bottle of Vodka
  3. I was able to stay with the girls for a few hours because that seldom happens also
  4. We watched the replay of the Oscars
  5. And Nicole, one of our borders got drunk. Shes so RED!
I didnt drink of course because Im not allowed to. I am still breastfeeding Ashly.

Happy Birthday Daddy...

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