Friday, March 12, 2010


Ashly is so "taba" na today.

She is so "matakaw" After I breastfeed her she would still cry and make you prepare a 2oz formula milk and she will drink them all. She sleeps all day and cries all night. huhuhu.

She always starts crying usually from 11PM to 2AM. Thats why I wasnt able to write on my blogs for a few days. I am also starting to fetch Emily at school. Good thing that I can go out now. I missed riding on a jeepney . In those hours, I got to escape from Ashly. Lola Sary is taking care of her when I leave.

She is so chubby na. She got her 2nd shot of Hepa B na rin. Her Pedia gave her some vitamins. I cut her nails na this morning so her hands are free from mittens. She eats her hands na whenever shes hungry.

She can see me na also because I notice her eyeballs following my face when I talk to her.

Haayz.. Ashly.. Dont grow up so fast....

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