Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday, my two sister came over. My Ate Susan picked up Tintin, my niece (she's living with me) and Marie my little sister, we had some blogging lessons. I had her adsense approved already so all we do now is teach her to start blogging.

She was hesitant at first because she dont know where to start and she had no idea what to blog about. All she want to do here actually is to check on her facebook and chat with whoever online friends she have. I told her, you are wasting your time with that. Why dont you just make a photoblog of yourself. Upload your pictures on your blog and then put your adsense to it and tell everyone about your photo album online!!!

So she logged on and created her first photo blog. I will put it here when shes done with it because until now all she had made was a title and a URL for her blog. no contents yet. But I'm pretty sure she will make it.