Saturday, February 27, 2010


I had a chat with a friend yesterdey thru facebook. He's a high school friend. I told him I got the adsense approval already and of course he was also happy to hear about it. He said he wants to start blogging also and asked me how to do it.

So I told him to start with a google account. After a few minutes of no reply on our chatbox, he finally said Im done with a gmail account now whats next? I said, start a blog. I recommended "How about adsense?" he asked. I told him to apply via because thats where i got approved. He didnt get what I mean at once because he havent applied for it until now. However, here is his blog I want to share with my readers because he is really good in writing and I admire him for having lots of words in his head. Hes got a great future in blogging. Kudos to you dencii, and welcome to blogosphere!!!

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