Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A friend of mine is in to photography right now. He is actually the one who referred me to this online store where i bought my first DSLR. Well this blog isn't about my DSLR and not about my photos. Its about my friend Richard Tuazon who followed his passion with this very expensive and addictive hobby of photography.

He bought Nikon D3000 last November to be into photography. Also bought accessories and lenses afterwards. After a month he enrolled in a photography class where he just graduated a few days ago. I tell you he's really into this passion because his works are really amazing!!! Its getting better everytime he posted his shots on his facebook account. And I envy him a lot!!! Hahaha! I am really proud of him!

On his graduation day on that photography class, all of them are required to have an entry to a photo contest. And here are his two winner photos:

I guess it is indeed true that if you follow your core gift, focus on it and you will definitely succeed...

And oh btw, he is going to get married on July 10, 2010 to Ms. Malou Agcopra (very lucky, uhm.. or should I say.... Lucky Richard!! haha!!) and my daughter Emily is going to be one of their flower girls (exciting noh?!)

Cheers to you Chard, to your future wife, and to Your Success!!!

Richards Facebook account. Hes got a lot of picture to share here. To those who wants to add him, he is really nice. I believe he can cover an event already, he's really talented and very focused on what he wants. You know whats another best thing about him? He is a soldier of God.. Go add him... be his friend and he will make you proud as I am...

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