Monday, February 22, 2010


I started to learn this blogging thing since last december 2009. Hoping to earn passively. Aiming to be financially free and praying to be of help to my husband in raising our kids. I never had a job since I graduated college. But we started a business though. An Internet Cafe. I dont have any idea about blogging then so I get into online games and social networks instead of earning that early from blogging.

Now its been 2 months and im still learning. I get to explore the net. learning from my classmates in an online Internet Marketing Workshop. I still dont have the google adsense approval but im not quitting on re applying again. Everytime I receive a rejection, I immediately make another email account and sign up again.

I've been into affiliate marketing, pay-to-click ads, referral programs, etc. The good thing about this is that all are FREE signing up. A lot better than joining the real Networking Business where you get to be a member by paying a certain amount. 

I'm not also a good writer. I'm not good in grammars and all. I just go and hit the keyboard and write and everytime i saw some red zigzag line under a word or a sentence I just ignore them! lol! but this wont make me stop blogging. I can copy and paste some articles from other people anyway. but i dont like to do them all the time. I still want my  blogs to be more informative on my own little way of research and opinions.

Of all my three feeling active blogs, this blog is the only 100% pure mine because of my inputs. i've been promoting my Personal Finance Blog on social networks but until this morning where I saw another personal finance blog that i became insecure. and started questioning myself, "Am I doing the right thing on my blog?" Well, I love my blog of course because its my first superwoman themed blog. but content-wise and experience wise, I feel like im not the person who should be blogging about personal finance since I myself dont know how to manage my personal finance either. Or should I just think of it on the other side where I know nothing about personal finance and will make this blog to research more about it, learn from it, apply it, and share it to the world? That line feels better.

My dog blog is.. well.. my husbands. He is the one who is into dogs actually. so that is just going to be my sales blog of our puppies online...

So this blog, this is mine, showing the real me. my thoughts, my life, my everything that I can share the world with (so general noh? world agad hehe). and even if no one would read this, i would still continue this blog for this is my journal and with or witout earnings im keeping it...

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