Thursday, February 3, 2011

Page Rank 2!

Oh My Gawd!!!

I can't believe it! After blogging for almost a year now, This website is has is now on Page Rank 2! I am so happy and it feels goooodddd!!! Hahaha!

You see, I don't do much update on this blog anymore because of some serious personal stuff that is really eating up all my time. Its just a while ago that I came here to visit and got shocked when I saw my pagerank at the lower left part of this page. Its like this:
Page Rank 2!!!

Hows that for my new year!

Well, I don't really know what PR does for my website but all I know is that this is a big thing for bloggers like me. Now its firing up again the blogger in me but I really do hope that I could maintain this PR since I really find it hard to update my blogs because of too busy schedules and family matters. 

This calls for a celebration!!!! Thank you for all of you who kept on visiting this site. Thank you to all the readers who signed up and become my regular reader. Thank you for all the interest in reading my blog. What is a blog without readers anyway? Thank you all so much!!!


Pinay said...

pilipino ako..www.bahaysawali.blogspot ang website ko. salamat po. pwede po pa add sa bloglist niyo po? salamat po.

RedBillions said...

Yehey! Celebrate! Page Rank 2, Congrats po. Sana kami rin. :)

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Red @ Virtual Assistant Business Philippines

facemusic said...

Nice. I also got Page Rank 2 in just Four Months @ Streaming Video. I started on middle March 2011 then i got PR 2 on second week of July 2011. :D