Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Running Blog

I created another blog a few weeks ago. Its gonna be my running blog. I just felt like my ventures in running doesn't fit this blog anymore so I decided to create a new one. It is called Into The Finish Line. Its gonna be my journal about running. I'll write something here about my easy and hard runs, the running events I get into, my learnings and everything. I hope that you come by and visit it too. I haven't created a badge for it yet but I already have a few posts. So you have a little something to read on.

The sporty in me is coming out. I was never into any varsity team before and I found this one physical activity that I have been addicted to. I am planning to indulge my kids into this sports in the future. I hope to bring Emily with me in a run where there are Kids Category and her age is acceptable. Being fit isn't bad anyways specially if you started it early. Specially now where kids don't do much physical activities and just sit in front of the TV or the computer all the free time they have.

Well so much for this introduction, I hope you visit and subscribe to my other blog to. You can find it at


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