Tuesday, October 5, 2010


yeah, its been almost a month since i last updated this blog. I took a blogging break.


The nanny left last month, so I am all alone in taking care of Ashly my 8 month old daughter plus Emily my 3 year old kid. Emily goes to school as a nursery so its pretty hard you know.

My days is like this, woke up at 530AM to 6:30AM because thats the time Ashly woke up and watch her play. She sits alone now and is trying to stand up. Shes got three teeth now (2 lower, 1 upper). She smiles every time she sees me awww! After two hours of playing, she'll take a nap of about 30 minutes then she'll have her cerelac. While I am boiling water for her bath and Emily's bath as well. 10:30 Emily wakes up and take a bath. Emily dawdles a lot so I have to prepare her very early for school. Her school  is at 1PM but I make sure shes ready by 12NN. Ashlys got her walker already but shes moody when I try to put her there. Sometimes she likes it which makes me do work faster. But sometimes she don't so I have to carry her around while doing some chores.

I tried to open the laptop to blog while playing with Ashly, turns out bad. She kept on hitting the laptop and then saw the PGDN key missing already :( I also had it reformatted for a whopping 1200Php!

Hey im not complaining huh! Im just saying that I am now spending more time with my kids than before. Which is actually good. I get to bond with them the whole time. Emily is doing great in school. Ashly such an angel. It is so much fun when she laughs so hard when I tickle her hahahah! Three of us go to the Kerygma Feast every Sunday. We have done it four times in a row now. Emily is now a member of the Awesome Kids. And I am so proud to say that she is already singing praise songs lately.

I have a lot of things to blog though, some stories are so out of date. Im just making so much time for my kids less for my blogging so yeah, blogging has to wait.

As of this moment Ashly is sleeping, taking her 30 minutes nap and shes about to wake up any moment so gotta say bye for now.

Thank you for all those who keeps on visiting and dropping. Im really sorry I couldn't visit you back. But I will try still whenever I find time like this.

Have a great day!

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Gee of georyl.com said...

hi lhen, hope you're doing ok. that's usual for bloggers to take a break.

have a great day!