Sunday, September 5, 2010


I think this is my first "How to" titled blog post.

Hmm... I find my title weird hahaha! It could also be "How to start and act in saving our Earth?"

Anyways whatever my title is, this article is about setting our minds in saving the Earth.

Let me start this by asking if you are a good borrower? You know, like if you borrow a book from a friend, do you take care of it and return it with no scratches, no missing pages, no pen marks? If you borrow some money, do you pay it with interest? If you borrow things, do your return them exactly the way it was when it is handed unto you and took care of it while it is in your possession?


How does being a good borrower relate to saving our Earth?

I was once a child, we all are. All of us are into thinking that we inherited the Earth from our ancestors. We are dwelling from the past.

How about setting our minds into this: We borrowed the Earth from our children.

Now, can you answer me if you are a responsible borrower?

This Earth that we just borrowed from our kids must be taken care of. So we can hand it to them properly. Pass on the proper care we provided and teach them that they must care for them also

We are the supreme creature in all the Earth and creation is not only for us to survive but also for us to be responsible and act accordingly.

We may not be able to pass on all the riches of man to our children but lets make it a point to return to them all the riches of the Earth in its proper condition...

My kids, Emily and Ashly, whom I shall return my borrowed Earth.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lhen! joy here of I help save earth by recycling water, as in bawal mag aksaya ng tubig dito sa aming bahay. if it's laundry day, bawal mag flush kasi lahat ng pinaglabhan itinatabi for cleaning the floor, the garden and the comfort room. whenever i buy things at the mall i don't get the plastic bag anymore. I just put the stuff in my bag.

LHeN said...

Hi joy! dito pagkaligo ni bunso sa bath tub nya, swimming pool naman yun ng ate nya then pang linis na ng comfort room yung pinagpaliguan nila hehehe.