Friday, August 6, 2010


Yeah, since I started on dropping off entrecard, blog hopping/walking, I always notice these BC Bloggers Secret badge. Just clicked it yesterday which make me thought of joining it today. My hands is full of chores yesterday so I told myself that I really need to join this early tomorrow!!! Lol! Being authoritative to my own self haha!

So here I am on step number 1? Blogging about it and inviting everyone to join this cool community for busy bloggers like me. I have also included the BC Bloggers secret badge on my sidebar and made a page for it. I hope to meet more BC Bloggers member both online and offline because I read that they had a succesful BC Bloggers party already. I hope I could join some future events with them too someday.

If you are not yet a member of BC Blogger I suggest you join now and lets enjoy the ride with cool people we will meet there. I hope to see you there and build some relationship more than just a link exchange.

Click the badge below to join.

Have a Happy day!

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Des said...

Hi! It's nice to find a fellow Pinay in MBC :) Great Blog! ...looking forward to reading your posts! :)

Following from MBC! :)

Would ♥ to hear from you too!

_el@i_ said...

hello, im going to join too. see you!

Gee said...

See you there Lhen. I also joined it.