Tuesday, August 31, 2010


For those of you who doesn't know, I used to be an online gamer. I started with Philippine ROSE Online then the Perfect World and Rohan. I met a lot of people and gained virtual friends. I love joining guilds and some of them actually were present on my wedding day.

It was in Perfect World that I joined a very cool guild who is actually already a community of gamers with amazingly different statuses in life. I am a proud member of the HOLY ORDER OF THE LIGHT.

This guild is composed of men and women of 15 - 50+ years old. Married and single, professionals and students. Whats more interesting is that we are not only virtual friends but in real life as well. We do regular meetups like watching movies, birthdays, level up events, and even on planting trees!

Yes planting trees. We have been in the La Mesa Eco Park and adopted trees. Gamers went out into the real world huh! I know this story have been so so late to tell now because this planting tree event of ours is so last year but this is my best way to start my green scene series.

Every week I am going to post a series of getting into the green scene. It is mainly about the warning of the global warming and to be able to spread the word of taking care of our mother earth.

I am showcasing here that once in my life I participated in a tree planting activity which is somehow a difference on my part because i did something to save our earth. I am so happy to be a part of my guild because I wouldn't have done this If I wasn't a member.

So yeah, this is me the one with white headband planting my tree.

During a small seminar about how water is so important and wasted as of today
Holy Order of the Light
The certificate after the tree planting

I wish to go back at the La Mesa Eco Park and adopt a tree again.You guys should try it too.

I hope you liked this article because I will be making more posts about saving our planet. I hope you start making one too, lets spread the word for more awareness. Before its too late...

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