Monday, August 30, 2010

Blogger Fiesta Meetup

Blogger Fiesta Meetup is scheduled tomorrow at the Global City Taguig. This is my first time to attend and I am so excited about it. It will be happening tomorrow starting at 6PM.

My mentor Sir Jomar Hilario will be there so I already have someone to talk to if shyness come to my nerves and have no one to talk to. It is a potluck event and I don't have any idea what food to bring. I am also gonna be making my business card later so I can have something for all the people I would meet.

If you are also going in to this wonderful event, leave a comment so we could have a chat tomorrow. If you have any suggestion on what food is the best to bring in the event, I really need you to leave me a comment. Hope to see you there..

BTW, heres the link about the event
and THIS IS THE LINK to the registration


Allan @ Rich Money Habits said...

Hi Lhen! I am also a student of Jomar in his online mentoring club! I guess I won't be the only "shy" blogger at the meetup tomorrow. See you!

Btw, nice blog you have here. More power!

Gee said...

Hi Lhen, you're gonna meet a lot of new friends there for sure. Pictures ha!