Sunday, August 1, 2010


Every Sunday, I am supposed to go to PICC to attend The Kerygma Feast. But today, I wasn't able to go. So Mich, my feast buddy went there alone and I so feel guilty of not going with her today and celebrate with her the happy weekend we got from yesterdays reunion with our high school batch mates. Will tell about this reunion on my other posts because in this posts, is about what is happening to my today. Yes, today as of this moment. I captured how I looked while writing this post. 

Yup, I am blogging while Ashly is beside me, playing with her rattle/teether. Nanny went out for a day off so I am the one who is with Ashly today. Since this is also an opportunity for me to make blogs because Ashly is being a good girl for not crying when you put her to bed busy playing and kicking and making sounds with her rattle. I am now gonna be able to put more scheduled posts for the month of August wee!!!

Since we got a nanny for Ashly, I am guilty of not having enough time for her. I am always at our variety store selling. Though my laptop is still with me so that I can somehow drop some ECs or read some other blogs whenever there is no customers buying. I couldn't manage to carry Ashly for a few minutes while selling because shes getting heavier now and it is really hard to sell when only one of your hands is working because the other one is holding a baby. 

My bonding time with Ashly in a day is about 6AM to 8AM. I make sure that I am the first person she see when she wakes up and I play with her in these times and then pass her to her nanny afterwards. 8AM - 10AM I am here in front of my laptop checking emails, chatting on facebook and checking my websites. 10AM on a weekdays I will start selling in the store, prepare Emily to school, when Nhil wakes up at 11AM, sends Emily to school at 12NN and go back to the store again at 1PM to 3:30PM where I am going to pick up Emily from school at 4PM. Hahaha! Im talking about my daily schedule now and not knowing it. 

So yeah, today I am a fulltime mom. I am not in the store. I am here with Ashly and Emily (who just woke up from her afternoon nap time). I am loving today. Loving these moments where my two kids are here with me in our bedroom. Emily is now singing to her sister. While I am here listening to her lovely voice and telling the world how I am enjoying this moment with them. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

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