Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sam and San's Birthday & Blogversary Contest

Sam and San's Birthday & Blogversary Contest

Contest Mechanics:
1. This is a point system wherein each participant will get a point/s every time they submit an entry.
2. 1 point = 1 raffle slot
3. At the end of the contest, the winner will be chosen randomly.
4. As for blog reviews, only one entry per email address
5. Contest will run from today, July 19th to August 19th

How to join:
1. Blog about the contest
2. Put the contest banner on your sidebar for the whole duration of the contest
3. Follow our (Sam's and Mine) blogs through Google Connect
4. Subscribe to our feeds
5. *Drop your ECs
6. Write blog reviews of ours and our sponsors' blogs
7. Add us and our sponsors to your blogroll/badge exchange section of your blog (each sponsor's badge = 1 point)

* (special prize will be given to our Top EC Dropper)

Prizes at stake:
Cash Prizes 
1st Prize = $50.00 + ad spaces
2nd Prize = $30.00 + ad spaces
3rd Prize = $20.00 + ad spaces

Top Droppers:
1st Prize = 5000 ECs
2nd Prize = 3000 ECs
3rd Prize = 2000 ECs
Here's the list of our sponsors:
The Tsinay Writes
A Mom's Life and Loves
The Blogger Hub
Fabulicious Diva
WAHMy Sammy
Realm of a Dreamer
Learn and Make Money Online
Events, Contests and Freebies
The Peregrinator
Asian Entertainment Online
Fashion and Beauty Craze
My Food Indulgence
All About Love and Relationships
Life Can't Wait
Up Now and What's Next
M3O: Make More Money Online
Bloguardian Hellsite: OVERCASHED
Techie Liz
Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone
Fortune Sharing
I'm the Man!
It's Not Always About ME
busy reading...
Drama Queen
Scientific Blabber
the food, the place and the bad trips!
Living Life to the Fullest!
Designer's Depot
My Journey to Life
Something to Live By
Journey of a Dreamer
Wonderful World of Peachy
Red is Marose
My Red Hot Reviews 


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