Saturday, July 17, 2010


Richard Tuazon and Malou Agcopra's Big Day!

My husband Nhil and I with Emily and Ashly packed up and left Manila at about 7:00AM. Took a two-hour drive before we reached the Tagaytay proper where we first searched for the Wedding Church before we looked for some place where we can stay the night.

Emily is one of the flower girls and I am so proud that she walked perfectly down the isle. She behaved well and smiled at every camera pointed at her. My Emily is now getting bigger. Shes becomeing more beautiful each day. Even more fragile.  Just wanna share this picture of her walking down the isle and striking a pose for a camera.

And here are the wedding couple together with Emily during the pictorial after the wedding rites.

The Wacky Family that I Love so much. Us at the photo booth.

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