Monday, July 19, 2010


I love OASIS! Way back HighSchool I am so in love with this band. I also have buddies who like them too! They are Tracy and Joy. I remember us singing songs and reading magazines with them about Oasis.

Among the members of the band, I so like Noel Gallagher. Tracy and Joy were fond of Liam Gallagher. I dont have an update about Oasis now about whats going on with the band but I just wanna share with you my Oasis favorite songs. I still remember the lyrics. I guess I memorized them by heart! Haha!

Lets start the playlist.

1. Don't Look Back In Anger - (Of Course! Noel Gallagher on vocals!)
2. Stand By Me (Album Version) - (My first Oasis song thet I learned to play on guitar.)
3. Wonderwall - ( who doesnt love this song?)
4. Champagne Supernova - (Tracy and Joy love this)
5. Some Might Say (Album Version) - ( First Oasis song that I heard)
6. Roll With It (Album Version) - ( This sounds like The Beatles for me and I so love the Beatles also)
7. D'You Know What I Mean? (Album Version) - (yeah yeah!)
8. Half The World Away - (Check out the lyrics!)
9. Talk Tonight (Album Version) - ( Love to sing along with this)
10. Slide Away (Album Version) - (Love this until now)


Supersonic (Album Version)

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