Saturday, July 24, 2010


This site will be under construction for about a few days. I will be reformatting its layout for a better look. Few ads will be added and deleted as well.

I even thought of abandoning this, but I can't. This is my first ever loved mommy site where i am the main subject.

I have been into a lot of things lately and I am not making any excuses here. I know I've been lazy for almost two months now. A lot of things have happened that I wasn't able to share. Emily is back to school, Ashly got sick a few weeks ago because of diarrhea and got her admitted in the hospital for two days.

A week after Ashlys discharge from the hospital, Emily got a fever and cough and colds. I'm so stressed out for almost a month. And did I tell you that Nhil got sick after Emily? My time in the store was extended and even though I can still brin my laptop in the store, I can't write properly with all the distractions. I can't do blogging while selling in a variety store.

I also started an online business where I sell Prepaid load credits online. I started with a multiply site then having a hosted website for it. This is the one that goes out well. As a matter of fact, I have a giveaway ongoing on this website. So please do check it out coz you might win this cool prize of Php1000 worth of prepaid load of your choice.

I haven't blogged about our weekend getaway after Richard's wedding.

I also plan to blog about our day today in Antipolo Church.

Green articles is also part of my brainstorming of what else to blog about.

I will also put the category lists properly because I now intend to put food blogs on this website where I get to review some foods that I like and I don't like hehehe.

So, thats pretty much for now. A sneak peak on whats cooking here on Pinay Mom Journal.

And oh, have you seen my new super gorgeous profile pic on facebook? hahaha! I once tried to become a camwhore with this power dress I am wearing so... Heres a teaser for you...

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