Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Here are the things to watch out for PMJ. I am so excited to announce it today.

I am now cooking up scheduled blog posts starting August. I can't stop smiling while brainstorming things that I want to do in this blog.

Though I am guilty of being lazy sometimes, I'll make it a point not to disappoint readers this time. So here are the list of my brainstorming phase...

Support the MixTape Mondays by siren.org. I love music. I may not be able to memorize every lyrics of the hit songs today but I'm pretty sure I can still put my 10 - 12 favorite songs every week. Go visit Karen Lisa's Bright Autumn Sun website to know more about MixTape Mondays and enjoy the fun of blogging about your own playlists.

Will also do Music Monday if I could only think of one song haha!
Wordless Wednesday is kinda cool, so I might be doing that too. Its nice to participate in this blo schedules like this. A lot of interesting posts from other bloggers. I also want more interactionwith my website so I am hoping for more comments.

I am gonna do a food blog also. I'll just put it as a category to save me from opening another blog for it. I'll just post it here, separate it through tas and voila! A list of my food blog posts! Moreover, I would also like do some product reviews, gadget reviews, book review and movie review. Scriptures on sundays, and considering the Follow me Friday also.

Wow! There are a lot of things to do so i better move my aS$ now! Till my next blog entry!

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