Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yeah I know its so late to tell everyone my wishlist because mothers day is on Sunday. I am not expecting to receive any of these from anyone anyway except for my Top three wishlist. So i'll start with number ten...

10. Apple Ipad - who doesnt want to have one??? Even with some negative comments, many people still wants to hold it and experience using it.

9. Iphone - I gave away my camphone last December so I am using Nokia1200 right now.

8. Nokia E63 - Becauze I think Wishlist number 9 is impossible for me, so here's a more realistic phone that I could get. Cheaper and easier to use.

7. A Direct advertiser to any of my website. Preferably here in my mommy blog. Will now offer a $17/ad rate for my first advertiser for 2 months at any place they want in my website (this is of any sizes too!). And yeah I need to study more pricing strategy...

6. A Donation for this website of any amount from anyone. I just wanna know if this thing is real...

5. A 1000 unique visits in a day. Oh I would really love that!!!

4. I want to have this Life and Dreams Journal of Bro. Bo Sanchez. I hope I could get one on Sunday!!!

3. A Happy Mothers Day Greeting from 100 people on my comment box would be so cool!!!

2. A kiss from Emily and A kiss for Ashly ( Eventhough I get this everyday, I would forever want this!!!)

1. A greeting, a hug, and a kiss from my loving husband... This is so rare and I hope and I wish that I could get this...

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