Sunday, May 2, 2010


I started blogging December 2009 without any idea of what to blog and how to do it the right way. So I researched on an internet marketing guru from whom I will learn and then found myself inside the Online Internet Marketing Workshop by Jomar Hilario. It is a NING forum exclusive only for its members who are all wanting to earn through blogging/internet marketing.

As a member of this online club, we were invited to join the live internet marketing workshop as facilitators. The live workshop is held in Cubao. 30 minutes away from where I live so I gladly join. The workshop is a two-day workshop both days from 1030 AM to 530PM. This is my first time to meet Jomar Hilario and I must say it is way cooler than just having a chat with him through email.

On the first day I got exhausted because its so hot in the venue. I think theres a problem with their aircon. So I wasnt able to focus on the lessons and on facilitating as well on the later part of that day. I only get to promote my Ebook to the class with an impromptu plugging because Sir Jomar surprisingly called me on to the microphone to tell everybody what I've been cooking up on the internet so far.

The second day I got better and was able to communicate well both to my fellow facilitators and participants as well. I also did a video review about Jomars workshop and attended the free dinner afterwards. The dinner was so fun. My first time to eat at Singaporean Chicken Rice (Im a bit of picky eater). I loved the chicken white rice. It feels good to be able to talk to my mentor, co-facilitator and participants who all wanted to be rich thru the power of the internet.

My weekend is pretty fun having been able to socialize somehow. I've been a super full time housewife for a long time so its great that I get to be in this workshop and talk and meet new people with same interests as mine.

Here are the pictures taken during this event and Im happy to share them with you..

My nameplate. I plan to collect these because I now intend to facilitate more workshops of Sir Jomar here in Cubao

With Kuya Reggie. I never thought that he is a former dean in UE where I graduated. 

White Chicken Rice or Chicken White Rice? Whatever! I liked it.

You know, my Sony CX110 has its Smile Capture feature where it automatically capture photos when it detected some face and smiles. Its a common feature in Sony cameras today. I asked Sir Jomar if I can have a picture with him and of course he said okay. He was amazed with this smile capture feature so he grabbed my handycam and showed it to others and telling people to smile. He kept pointing and pointing it and here are some of his funny shots! Hahaha!

I really had fun with this group and here is the picture of us. Sir Jomar is here in this picture because her sister Neenah got the camera from Sir Jomar so that he could take a picture with us

And yes, this is Sir Jomar. My mentor. Showing you the money symbol because he is teaching us how to be rich!

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