Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First posterous blog of the PinayMom

Woah! This is really cool! I feel like i'm just sending an email and not just blogging at all. Well, Hello there guys! This is the Pinay Mom from the Philippines. Testing posterous. First time to send an email to post.

I only use posterous for my private files. And since my mentor Jomar Hilario and Manuel Viloria told me about the power of posterous blogs in search engines so i decided to send this email/blog and try this posterous out.
You can find my main website at where I share some thoughts about everything under the sun in a Filipina moms view. I also have another website the which features Filipinos with great talents and achievements both in local and international. My third website is about internet marketing the which is harder for me to maintain because I was just sharing my views on how to earn online. I am also experiencing some domain name problem with my third site so.. yeah, pretty much waste if you visit it now. 
I really look forward to posting more of email/blog on my posterous. It feels good that I tried this one out. I need to research more about this though. I have a lot of questions like Can I put my Adsense on it? Can I monetize this? Can I do some linking? etc... 
Anyway If you also have some questions, you may send me an email at and I'll try to answer it the best way I can.
So much for my first post.. Be back on the next post.. maybe tomorrow...
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