Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just remembered my mom today. I missed her so much. I saw her last valentines when they went here to see Ashly. I dont know if Im just being a melodramatic daughter here but I just suddenly  felt being a daughter to her again.
I just missed her so much that I really wanna go to Bicutan and visit. But I can't. Sadly, I can't do anything about it. I have to be here and be a Mom for Ashly and Emily. Nhil won't even allow me to go which makes my sudden longing for Nanay worst.

Sometimes I don't seem to be existing. My day only consist of waking up in the morning and bathe Ashly, then Emily afterwards, Fix Emily's hair for school, then be with Ashly again while writing some blogs or searching for something to blog or edit my ebook whenever my mentor see some mistakes or my classmates in IMW. Then heres Emily from school and put her to sleep. Then blog again or do some research about social networking because I really need to do something with my blog to earn. Im also studying article writing now. Practicing to improve my writing and sell online. Ashly gave me a hard time during midnight, where she always cry for like every 5 minutes. We are like that for like an hour before she goes to sleep soundly... and wakes me up again whenever shes hungry.

So thats just  basically my day. I spend most of it with Asly. Maybe thats why I so miss my Mom today...

I really want to go home and see her....

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