Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been busy these past few days. Building an ebook. yeah, an ebook. Its about getting your Adsense application approved.

I actually had a hard time getting that approval. So now that I got it finally, I documented the process and made an Ebook about it. Im practicing online selling so yes, im selling this ebook. you can get the details HERE

My mentor, Mr Jomar Hilario is guiding me through this process. he is the one checking the links, proofreading everything and helping me to succeed on this part. Actually when I entered this Internet Business, Online selling is the last on my priorities. Never thought that I will be able to create an ebook and actually sell it!

Well, Life is really full of surprises. You'll never know what will happen next!

So guys, if you haven't got that Adsense Approval and you want to monetize your blog/website passively, go check out my ebook.. How To Get an Adsense Approval in 24 Hours.

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