Sunday, March 28, 2010


My daughter is studying at The Little Childrens School at Dimasalang, Manila as a Pre Nursery. She just enrolled a few months ago and yesterday is their Moving Up Program.

The theme of this event is the Little Childrens School version of Michael Jacksons "This Is It". They have been practicing this for the entire month of March. All the kids have their numbers from Hugs and Tugs to Champs.

Emilys got a special award. She got the "Excellence in Bodily/Kinesthetics Intelligence". Nhil and I went to the stage to give the award to her and we are so damn PROUD of it! Haha! My first daughters first award (and my first time to give an award too!) 

Thank You to Ninong Richard to cover the event. I havent converted the files yet but will publish more photos ASAP. Thank You to Ninang Malou for coming and Tita Susan, and Tita Marie, and Ate Liezel, and Ate Tintin. This means a lot for Emily.

After the event, we went to SM Manila and ate at Gerrys Grill. Tito Basti was there so we got a 10% discount on all the food yey! 
The day is so exhausting and memorable for me as a mom. Everything about this event is "first time" and my husband and I super enjoyed it. I missed Ashly though. She was left in the house with Lola Sary. Good thing that she behaved well daw while we were out. She just slept the whole afternoon so Lola Sary is not so tired of her.

So here are the photos and video that I could share muna this time. Will publish more this week... There is also the schools official photographer, I will also contact the school this summer on how I could get a copy of their shots..

Emily in her Gala Uniform

"This is it!"

"One Hungry Family"

And here is emilys video of their dance presentation. Dancing in the tune of Michael Jacksons "Wanna Be Startin Something". Sorry for the low quality video, I sold the DSLR already so we used the old Sony Videocam that uses a tape to record, we just played it on TV again and then capture it "again" with a Digicam before I get to transfer it here. I request you to finish the video to the end because Emily is so active on the later part of the presentation. Shes so cute and brilliant!!!

Thank you for watching!


Richard Tuazon said...

Galing talaga ng inaanak ko. Manang mana sa Nanay! Yung award mo ba lhen nung bata best in dance? hahhahahahaha

Ninang Bea said...

Galing naman n emily... sorry baby di tayo nagkita. kinokontact namin kayo ni lilibeth the day before our flight, d namin kayo makontact, iba na no. mo lhen? d din ako nakapaginternet kasi lagi kami on the go... di bale pagbalik namin maglalaro na kayo ni sean-sean bebe :D miss ya! tc and God bless!