Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have been into running lately and I found it addictive. Though I wasn't really under going any training on running, and I wasn't that super fast runner, I still managed to finish every race that I got myself into.

I have posted my first two running event before. The first one is the Kerygma fun run and The Red Cross Run for Humanity race where both I ran 5 Kilometers.

I have also ran for the Ilog Pasig last 10.10.10 but only for 3 Kilometers and I wasn't able to blog about it for some reasons. Lol! But heres my picture on that run

Last month, November 21, 2010, I joined the leg 3 of Runrio Trilogy and registered at the 15K category! I was supposed to be on the 5K only but the time we registered, theres no more slot for 5K so I was "forced" to join friends on 15K. 

With no preparation, no training, no nothing, I ran that 15K and finished it in 3 hours and 9 minutes!!!! I am such a dead loser that day. Hahahah! But later on this article, I will show you pictures from that 15K run and you'll see a lot of smiles on my face because I super enjoyed navigating that 15K with my friends. 

This weekend, I'll be joining my last run for this year: The Milo Marathon where I registered for 10K. 

Just this morning I jogged for a relaxing 5K in preparation for this 10K run. 

I don't have any coach in running. I just run and do it and make it to the finish line. Sometimes its so nice to be healthy and fit and you do something about it. 

I have also invited friends to run for this weekend and I was able to invite 8 of them and all of theme were running in the 5K division. I will be running the 10K with my best buddy Mich. 

For the year 2011, I have already plotted 1 running event every month and I have finalized the running event I will join for months January, February and March. I am also making it a habit to jog for an hour at least once or twice a week.

I hope to see you in one of theses events and lets have a pace together. 

PMJ will now start to make a review for the running event I will join and if you also joined this particular event, I'd love to know how you've done and please do comment about it. This review will be coming from the view of a mom who don't have training, non athletic, and just having fun!

In the meantime, here are the pictures from my previous race the Run United 2. 



Grace said...

Wow, you finished that 15K run? You did great.

I only ran 3K years ago, my husband ran 10K. We are planning to join fun runs next year, hope we can prepare for it.

LHeN said...

Hi Grace! Thank you for visiting. Yeah I finished it once and will never do it again! lol!

My January to March 2011 run is already planned. January9 the PSE run, February the Condura Sky Way Run and March the first leg of runrio trilogy. Im gonna run 10K in all those events. Hope I could see you there!