Friday, December 3, 2010

Laugh With God Today by Michael Angelo Lobrin

Like I Said in my previous post about the Kerygma Conference, I bought Brother Michael Angelos Book "Laugh with God Today". It is a happy book about being a Catholic and living a life in Gods path.

Without reading it yet, I can see myself already laughing while reading it because thats what always happen when we listen to him during his talk or every time he leads the love offering prayer at the Kerygma Feast PICC.

I heard he is just about to launch it this Sunday, December 5 but I got it already on its pre-launching at the Kerygma Conference. With  a bonus picture with him and an autograph.

Today, I finished reading the book. Yeah, yeah, It took me days to finish it though it can be read in like an hour or two and it will mean like two hours of laughing!

I just decided to reflect on the deeper message more (after laughing with every funny stories..)

Just opening it on its very first page, you'll laugh at it already. On the first page you'll read:

THIS BOOK BELONGS TO: ______________________
(Ibig sabihin, bawal manghiram. Bumili ng sariling kopya!) 
(Meaning, your not allowed to borrow. Buy your own copy!)

The second page is where he signs the book. There is already printed a message for you and all he has to do is write your name and his name. Nice one Brother Michael Angelo, nice one! Saves a lot of ink and hand muscles! Hahaha!

This book is written in English and Tagalog. Indeed a joke is more hilarious when spoken in our native tongue! Specially if it comes from Brother Michael Angelo. You can even hear him telling the stories in your mind while reading the book. And even without reading it yet, just browse it with your fingers and you'll see funny illustrations that will make you want to read it more.

Stories about the professor and the student really opened up my thoughts about my faith. Faith really is the connection between God and man. That even though we cannot see God, we know He's always there, watching us, guiding us, loving us.

The most touching story for me is the little boy who made the banca. I am one of those banca who once got lost that God has found. Truly Michael Angelo explained here how God loves us so much. God is the one who made us and then redeemed us again from sin. 

After reading all the stories and how Brother Michael explained every message, I do believe that we really have a happy, loving God. I know God laughed with me while reading this and God blessed me after all the reflections I made in every funny yet inspiring stories in this book. 

May all people be blessed to have their copy of this book so all of us can Laugh with God Every Day!

Get connected with Brother Michael Angelo on his FaceBook Page at

Watch him sing in this video!

I dunno where am i looking here

My sister borrowed my book just to have a picture with Brother Michael Angelo

To you brother Michael Angelo, I really can't wait for the next series of this book. It really feels good to laugh most specially if you know that God is always with you. Thank you for this very wonderful book, It really made me to love God more and deepen my faith with our Lord. God Bless you...

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joy said...

i also have a copy of this book but i wasn't able to have brother michael angelo signed it. i was at the kerygma conference too last year.