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"I am so proud of my Emily" This thought keeps up to my mind whenever I look at her still sleeping every morning I wake up, every time I kiss her, every time I hug her, and every time we do things together.

Emily was born January 26, 2007 at exactly 7:01 in the evening via normal delivery at the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center. Since then I never wanted anything but to give out my best for this little girl that God has given me.

On her way to growing up as a toddler, she was introduced to watching TV and then I noticed that she has been watching for so long in a day. And so I thought, I have to do something about it or else my little one might grew up being a lazy "couch potato". Early school comes to my mind.

You see, I am a stay at home mom but I am also a work at home mom where I manage our little sari sari store in front of our house. Time is still a little stiff between me and Emily with my every day schedule. Good thing that I have found a school who accepts 2 years old and uses English as their mode of instruction which is really good for a child like Emily.

I visited the Little Children's School located at Dimasalang cor. Makiling st. Sampaloc Manila. Just want to show you some shots on that first day where I am just supposed to inquire turned out to be her first day in school.

Yes its a Christmas tree, the time i inquire is its December already!

Shes loving the play area

"Sit In"

I really can see that she loved the school at first sight. I saw her excitement, eagerness and is so interested in coming back again. I actually had a hard time getting her out of this class when we are about to go home because I am done with my questions about this school and gathered some brochures to show to my husband when we get home.

The next day, I went back to school to fill up enrollment forms and others that is needed to fill up to enroll Emily. Little School is open to enrollment for the whole year for toddlers like Emily so I was able to get her in even its the last quarter of the school year already. I entered Emily in the afternoon session where classes starts at 1:00PM and ends at 4:00PM. 

Here are Emily's shots on her first day to wear her uniform:

So excited with her first wear of uniform

Official first day in school

Since this first day, Emily has never been excited to wake up, get dressed and go to school. I am so proud of this first day where I got to leave her already and she never cried and never was afraid that I will leave her in school (unlike some other kids) . She's so brave that I never have to be there beside her on her first day. I realized how independent my child has become at this very early age. 

Every Friday, their school schedule is PE and Art. For their Art Class, they have this Art Wall at school where teachers are posting their art work for the whole week. Heres are the works of Emily on her first two weeks:

After a week, they get to bring home these art works and here is Emily (again) showing her Christmaas tree art work:

One more thing about her school is getting stars every time they did a good job. Sometimes they play games and whoever wins gets a star, or some recitations and whoever gives the correct answer also gets a star. Here is Emily's first ever star and I can't describe it here how I felt on this very first day that I saw this star in her arms:

showing her star
After this first day, I was never worried about Emily being a lazy "couch potato" anymore. Her day is full of school and doing home works. She only watch TV for a very short time and then goes to sleep.

Another thing I like about her going to school are the activities. I never missed any parent-children activity in school since then including:

The Family Day. Held at the La Consolacion Gymnasium last February 9, 2010. Where we enjoyed so much seeing her joining every games. She was so active that even they are the group of the smallest children in school, they actually were the grand champion winning most of the games in this event.
Family day

lined up for action!

 rest after a game

"cup and straw" relay 

Next event after that is the moving up program already. Emily got an award for "Excellence in Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence" whatever that means my daughter got that award! Hahaha! Their theme is Michael Jackson's This Is It! Every class prepared a dance number and Emily's class will dance "Wanna be Starting Something". Below are the pics and vids of her first moving up program.

on her gala uniform

My first time to go up the stage to give her the award

Proud Parents

Emily dancing on stage!

Here is the video of their dance presentation. Enjoy!

One proud Momma!
After this overwhelming event, we went on a fine dining restaurant for a celebration where she got all the french fries she wanted:

We did not enroll Emily for a summer workshop after that for her to enjoy the season with cousins in the province. Next school year, this school year of 2010 - 2011 she is again enrolled and is now on the nursery level. 

She can now read and write her name at the age of three. Counts one to twenty. Can identify colors and read their names as well, Speaks English fluently than I am. Can read all the letters and now learning to read three letter words. These are just some of her improvements learned from school.

I have also posted here before their Linggo ng Wika Presentation where Emily and her classmates recited a poem and memorized the whole of it in just a span of one week! 

The next school activity after this is their field trip. In this activity, only one adult is required to join our child but husband and I decided that the two of us will come together with our 2nd daughter Ashly. Emily joined her first field trip with her whole family. We want to experience it together as a whole. We went to places such as the Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig, The Museo Pambata, and the Manila Ocean Park. 

With "Ed" at the Ark Avilon Zoo :)

feeding the goat

feeding the rabbit and hamsters

feeding fishes

My future "President"!

touching star fish

It is so much fun to get involved in every activity of your child in school. You get to know your child better. Know her strengths as well as her weaknesses ans do something about it. I am even elected as the parent representative of their class so that in every future activities, I get to be invited in school and be a part of the planning stage of a particular event and give suggestions on what to do next and give opinions on whats best for us and our child. 

Also every Sunday, we go to Mass at the Kerygma Feast in PICC where I also asked her to join the "Awesome Kids".It is a ministry for the kids where they do kids stuff together in the "holy" way.  She gladly said yes and loved every Sunday that she's in it where she learned praise songs and stories about Jesus and the Bible. 

She is also a fan of Brother Bo Sanchez, a Catholic Preacher who leads the Kerygma Feast at the PICC in fact she even managed to fall in line "alone" just to get a picture with him. :)

Learning isn't limited to school only. You see, school is only for Mondays to Fridays. Shes not also in a Catholic School, thats why in my own little way, I try to manage that Emily gets spiritual learnings as well. Getting her into Sunday school for kids is also cool. You wont imagine the joy in my heart when I first heard her sing phrases from the song "I Offer My Life" and doing actions from the song "Every Move I make". 

Another outside school learning activity we just did recently is painting (using watercolor) at some bazaars. Here Emily get to pick three pictures that she wants to put some color. So she chose a flower, Santa Claus and a Christmas tree. Everything is up to her. She decides what color to use on the three pictures. I am just right beside her, enjoying that very moment she brushed, changed colors, and soak the brush in the water making her work the most beautiful art work in the whole wide world in my eyes!

Just an update about their Christmas presentation just last Friday where their whole class is going to do a dance number.  I am so surprised when I saw my daughter in front of their formation and doing her dance moves very gracefully. Please do enjoy this video as much as I do. 

A child's heart and mind is very easy to teach. They just do things they've been told and see. Emily and I loves  to do things together because she loves to get involved in every thing that I do. Like for example in doing the laundry. Since it is unsafe for her to do laundry with me fore she might slip on the floor, I just make her watch out for the washing machine if its done spinning and tell it to me, or i let her separate white shirts to the colored ones, I also make her count how many pairs of socks, underwear, shirts, shorts, etc does she have in the laundry basket.

When she feels like dawdling, I make her beat the time and compete with others like beat daddy to finish the food, beat me to drink our morning chocolate drink, beat her little sister to change dress and everything works out fine.

During bed time, I also bought some books to read to her and I am so happy that she loves stories before going to bed though sometimes, because of the modern technology today, shes just watching fairytale movie from youtube using her lolo's Iphone. Thats until she falls asleep. Lol!

A day for a child like Emily isn't complete without learning something new so, me as a parent should do something about this learning for the benefit of my child. I support her in every thing she likes to do and will never get tired of being there for her always.

My child's success is seen through her works and attitudes adapted from different things around her. In school, at home, or even in different places we've been. I say Emily is very intelligent and is smart enough for her age, and adorable enough to make me proud of her. Her confidence is very exceptional and I'm sure you'll love her when you meet her.

For those proud mommas like me, I'd love to hear your comments and if you have something to share about helping our kids to intelligence, please do share it with us! Every one loves to hear your voice. All the best in the world for our little ones! Lets make them our TOP of the CLASS!!

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