Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Support Manny Pacquiao, the World’s #1 Boxer, just like Head and Shoulders, the World’s #1 Shampoo!

Our main man Manny Pacquiao is geared up again for another fight. This time it will be with Antonio Margarito, another Mexican (just like his past challengers who actually... lost by the way) He is  heavier, taller, bigger than our guy.

But this statistics doesn't bother Manny Pacquiao much for he is now focused on his speed for the fight. Manny is so ready, so motivated for this upcoming fight and he will do it again for the pride glory of our country.

I am supporting him as always for doing this to our country. His name has always brought Filipinos with pride and joy. I actually remember his previous fight with Antonio Barrera where my daughter(Emily) actually learned how to clap her hands because of all the people clapping around her. This time I have another nine month old daughter (Ashly) whom I am waiting for to learn how to clap hopefully this Sunday again cheering for Manny Pacquiao.

Just an update, heres the latest and most frequent Pacquiao Ad that I always see on TV where he looked more gwapo :)

He's been endorsing Head and Shoulders for quite a while now and if you liked ittoo like Manny Pacquiao does, Go to their facebook page and hit the "LIKE" button here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Head-and-Shoulders-Philippines/164838333537619?v=app_4949752878 or just simply click his picture above ^_^

Mabuhay ka Manny Pacquiao!!!


Ph1l1p said...

laban ng pinoy hehe

SpiderHam said...

This is one event where the our world stops spinning. This Sunday is the day when Manny Pacquiao will make us hold our breath.

Good Luck to You! Pacman!

LHeN said...

FTW Manny!!!!

thanks for dropping by Ph1l1p and SpiderHam ^_^

proffsg said...

Will get the tickets sana but I decided to blog the live stream of Pacquiao vs Margarito through Sopcast channels. Happy viewing this Sunday!