Friday, September 10, 2010


My husband saw this commercial on TV and then made a video of Emily immitating Xyriel in this commercial. Emily hasn't seen this TV ad yet even on youtube so she wasn't able to perform it well yet ( i think!). I first saw Emilys vid here on our videocam clueless of what she is talking about until hubby showed me this vid on youtube. And so I thought, my daughter did a good job! Anyways, I am inviting you all to join this event on Sunday, September 12, 2010. It will be held at SM MOA, SM Cebu and SM Davao. Me and Emily are gonna be in SM MOA right after we attended the Kerygma Feast in PICC.

There is an online registration but first you have to like My Lost Lunch Box on FaceBook then register on the My Lost Lunch Box TAB. There is also a contest of submitting your photo with your lunchbox on their FaceBook Page and I am definitely gonna join. Its 9AM here in the Philippines as I am writing this and Emily is still sleeping. Will take the photoshoot of her with her lunchbox later.

Here is Emilys video with bloopers on the later part. please watch it up to the end:

and here is the ORIGINAL video:

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