Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am currently working on my daughters video blog. I actually made it a few months ago but this is the only time that I thought of furnishing its design and all.

Emily is 3 years old and Ashly is 6 months. Their website will be Emily and Ashly with an address of I'm planning to make a domain for it but maybe some other time. After they have gained their viewers online. 

Well this will be filled with lots of videos about them. My hard drive is now in critical level with all their files. I will first upload their videos in youtube. Actually I have lots of Emilys videos on youtube before and now I am going to retrieve them all and post it here. So you might get confused who is Emily and who is Ashly because they kinda looked alike when they were 0 to 6 months old. 

I hope you enjoy the videos and please do subscribe also because theres more videos here on my computer that I will upload. More everyday vids, Emily singing, dancing, our bloopers, travel and mommy-daughter stuffs. 

I just finished their header picture and badge which is made out of MS PowerPoint (I am not art/creativity/photoshop gifted so..) and here it is:


Their badge will be this:

 I hope to see you all there and drop some love for my daughters if you have time. I have already listed them in Entrekids and it is already approved so you may also see their badge dropping cards on you ^^,

Have a nice Thursday,

I love


nafacamot said...

cute babies... cute din parang baby gareth ko..ahihih... :D

Gee said...

already visited their blog sis. :)