Monday, August 9, 2010


My first time to join a bloggers event catered just for mommy bloggers like me happened last Saturday, August 7, 2010. It was held at Martas Cake in Serendra, The Fort, Taguig City. 

I went there with my daughter Emily because the event has a mommy-kid activity like cake and cookie decorating. I remember when I showed Emily the e-invite that I got, she was so excited that she is going to decorate a cupcake. Who wouldn't be excited when you received an invite like this:

So when we got there at exactly 1PM, a few parents and their kids were already there. Emily sat on a chair near with mine because theres a separate area for mommies and kids. Though the venue were a little small to occupy us all, it didn't matter when the kids started their fun activity of cake and cookie decorating and us mommies were already discussed with whats in store from Bisolvon. 

To start up, they showed us a presentation about the 5 Alagang Iwas Ubo Tips ( 5 tips to get rid of cough) which are the following:
  1. Always wash your hands - wash your hands using soap. Apply a hand sanitizer or alcohol.
  2. Avoid touching your face - avoid touching the mouth, nose and eyes
  3. Cough properly - do not cough using your hands, instead cough using a hanky, to avoid spreading the germs.
  4. Observe a healthy lifestlye - exercise, eat healthy foods, and sleep properly
  5. Get rid of Phlegm to get rid of cough - Bisolvon is the best in getting rid of phlegm.
The main highlight of the event ( aside from the fun activity that my daughter is really enjoying at that moment!) is that Bisolvon has a new promo called the Alagang SuperMom Kid photo contest. It is very simple. Supermoms simply take a photo of her kid in action - displaying his or her best talent or highlighting an achievement.

The objective of the promo is to provide supermoms a venue to share and showcase the various talents/achievements of their children. For other supermoms to learn and bond. Any achievement will do. Supermom kids in sports, the arts, music, academics, science or other related activities that highlights  the accomplishment of the supermom's child.

From August 8 to October 8 2010 all supermoms are invited to share a photo of theirs kid's greatest achievement in Alagang Supermom Kid website at 

Prizes at stake are Php50,000 cash for the Grand Winner and eight winners of Php5,000 cash for the runner-up. 

Below is the detailed mechanics of the promotion:
  1. Buy specially marked Bisolvon 120mL syrup.
  2. Log on to register for FREE.
  3. Click the Join Now button then click on Upload Here.
  4. Upload a photo of your kid showing off his achievement or talent.
  5. Key-in your Bisolovon unique promo code to submit entry.
How to Vote:
  1. View gallery and click on your selected photo
  2. Click on the Vote for this entry button to give 1 point to your chosen entry.
  3. To boost votes, enter a unique Bisolvon promo code to give 50 points.
Uploading period is from July 31 to October 2, 2010
Voting period is from October 3 to November 8, 2010.

I am planning to join so I am now digging into Emily's recent photos both in school and here in our house I hope to see your kids photos in there but in the meantime I'm gonna show you Emilys photos during this event where she really had fun with those colorful icings and cupcakes and cookies...

Her Finished Cup Cake

Working with her Cup Cake

Painting the Sheep "Pink"

Her Finished cookie "yellow giraffe and pink sheep"

Her cookie monster

Like I said, this is my first time to attend a mom bloggers event and I really enjoyed it. Its also a good thing because I was able to go there with Emily. I would also like to thank Ate Tetcha of  Pensive Thoughts and Ate Leira of Mushings because they made me comfortable inside the event. It made me wanna go and attend more upcoming bloggers events whenever I am invited.

Happy Monday!

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Tetcha said...

Hi hi! Special mention talaga. It was nice meeting you too at that event. I'm also looking forward to seeing you in future events.