Monday, June 14, 2010


I made a love letter for my husband six months ago and kept it. I never showed it to him definitely because of  few things like I am shy to give it to him or he might find it too corny and just laugh at it, and I myself find it really corny to write a love letter for my husband. I mean its not a casual thing for us. Its not as casual as arguing against each other though. But really, I don't know what I was thinking six months ago while writing that letter.

I could still remember when I planned to write that letter. I have this ready made scrapbook for sweethearts that I bought in a bookstore. It is filled with cheesy blank details that you need to fill up about you and your partner. Its got a lot of mushy poems and lots of spaces provided for different pictures from different places or occasions that you two have been together. Its really romantic for romantic couples and very corny for in denial couples (like us!).

What happened is that, I tear off every page of this scrapbook because I cannot finish it anymore. I won't be able to handle a situation when somebody would read it and then tease me with all the cheesiness of this scrapbook.I threw all those pages that I already used/answered with a lot of corny moments haha!

I just found this one page where I read a poem that I think we could relate to and what I did is that, I wrote a love letter for my husband at the back of this poem and then kept it for six months.

Until last night, that I gave this letter to him as my fathers day gift for him. Just want to share with you the poem (no, not the letter! haha!) that is written on this page:

"When Our Love Was Put To The Test"
Ellen Brenneman

We've had our ups and downs,
but through it all,
I've never stopped loving you.
I never could.
That's because the very things
that made me love you in the beginning
will always make me love you...
in fact, some of the biggest differences we've had
are the things that drew us together.
That must be because we need each other...
and not just in a romantic way,
but in every way that's possible
for two people to be close and to care.
I just want to say that even though
we've had some tough times,
I love you...
that will never change.

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