Monday, May 31, 2010


So the waiting is over. The day has finally come. May 29 of 2010. The Kerygma Fun Run at the Mall of Asia. The Run a Kilometer for Kerygma. The Run the Race. The first ever Fun Run Activity of my favorite community.

My phone is set to alarm at 5:00 AM but my husband is much more excited to wake me up at 4:30. So I first texted my friend Mich to check if she is already awake and then rushed to the bathroom for a quick shower. I already wear my fun run shirt and a three-fourths six pocket pants because the shorts that I am about to wear is on Mich. I asked her to buy me a short and she will give it to me on the day of the race. She bought two and we have the same shorts to wear for this event. COOL!

My husband and I planned to bring my daughter Emily with us the night before the race but that morning he decided not to wake her up anymore and let her sleep. I am ready by 5:00AM and we left the house by 5:15AM. We arrived at the venue 5:30 and first saw this inflated slide (i dont know what to really call that) where childrens love to run around and jump around. Then we remembered Emily that she will enjoy this place if she was only here. The immediate thinking ran through our heads to pick up a taxi and went back to fetch Emily.

So then I found myself inside the taxi, rushing to our house (husband was left in the venue roaming around booths after booths). Emily is crying when I woke her up. Pick up all her things like jogging pants, t-shirts, a few towels, a pair of socks and a rubber shoes. I just changed her inside the taxi. She stopped crying when I told her that we are going to Bro. Bo. Her eyes became excited and said "Bro Bo?!! and Ninang Mich?!!" and I said Yeah!!!

We arrived at the venue 6AM and everyone was warming up already. Mich is already there with her former classmate Alvin. I wasn't able to wear my new shorts anymore because the line in the portable CR is very long and they are already arranging the line of the 5k runners, 3k runners and 1k runners. I am among the 5k runners. But luckily we were able to get some photos with Bro. Bo before the race because he is just standing right in front of us so we grabbed the opportunity to have some pictures with him.

Then the race began and we started walking.... Haha!!! No rush for the first prize. Hey I got no warm up! After a few blocks, then we ran. After running a block then we walk again for a few blocks... Thats our not so athletic routine. We just enjoyed the race laughing together, talking and talking. My husband has got a video of us three running.. will just upload it here later when Im done editing and converting it. We took the 5k race for almost an hour and very tired and sweaty when we reached the finish line.

We then hopped through every booth and took some pictures then settled at the photo booth line where we finally had a rest. But unfortunately, since my husband is very tired already, we went home instead of waiting in the long line of that photo booth. I am disappointed though but I am not mad. My husband is not registered in the race. He was just there to support me and that was very sweet of him. I really appreciate it when he said that he will come with me. So instead of making a fight with him by wanting to go home early, I thanked him for being with me in this event.

Here are some shots in this wonderful wonderful event and I aim to join this yearly fun run event of Kerygma.

Emily already know Bro. Bo. He usually call Bro. Bo as Bro Bo Papa Jesus (Hey I didn't teach her that.)

Bro. Bo to Emily - "Angu kyut kyut ng ilong mo."

Emily at the start of the race.

Yeah I did ran... and walked too!

Here is the best part of this event for me. A bonding time with my husband and Emily. This doesn't happen much. I am really really happy with this picture.

More pictures on my facebook account..

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