Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a 2 day vacation this holy weekend. We left Manila Friday afternoon, going to visit my husband relatives in Angat, Bulacan. The weather was so hot here and I dont know how Ashly made it. She just slept the whole 1 and a half hour drive.

We are packed with 4 big bags, a pillow, a comforter, a laptop, my father-in-laws digital camera, lots of water, 1 teddy bear, and a can of milk.

Here is our photos taken inside our Owner type Jeep while on the road..

El Nińo. Super DRY Land

When we arrived in Taboc, We First visit Ninong Gerald and Ninang Carol of Emily. We had Halohalo there, just right for the hot weather. Then we went to visit Mariz and Tita Joving, they had two cute little shih tzus. Then to tita Nelias house before we got to go to Ogies house where we stayed the night.

The next morning (Saturday), I went visit Tita Digna and Tito Celso. She is cooking "Tinumis na Kalabaw" I ate a bowl! So delicious! (Sorry for non-Filipino readers, I dont know the translation of Tinumis na Kalabaw but Kalabas is a Carabao, so yeah, we ate carabao meat.) I just forgot to bring my camera so I dont have a picture for you of what it looked like. 

On that evening, we went to the Calderon Family. Ogie invited us because they had some family gathering over there and her Aunts cooked Goat Afritada. This is my first time to eat goat meat. And here is the picture of it..

The next morning is Sunday, the Easter Sunday where I had a great morning with Ashly. See the Previous post for the video and more details..

Tita Digna cooked "Batchoy" for our lunch and here is the picture of it. For those who are asking for the ingredients and recipe of these, Im sorry, Im not good in cooking and I dont know how to do this.. I only know how to eat.. and Im good at it! haha!

Here is emily on Ninong Izels Big BIKE!

Emily with cousins Colleen, Vhin, JP and JM

Me holding Ashly, Malou and Jenny enjoying Ice Cream

I must say I had a wonderful weekend. Being in a place away from Manila for some time is enough for a vacation. I wasnt even able to use my laptop to blog because we are always tired and 
i have no time to blog about it. Its so nice to see them again. I get to be with people close to my husband and Its a great time for us to bond during this season. 


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