Thursday, April 1, 2010


I sold my camera. My Nikon D5000. I realized photography wasn't for me and I am planning to just settle for less. A simple digital camera would be nice. I think its just right for my blogging adventures where I get to capture moments easily and conveniently. Previous photos from my daughters moving up program were shot by Richard Tuazon a freelance photographer and a close friend of mine. He is also the one who bought my camera.

Aside from my camera, I am also missing my cellphone. I gave away my Nokia N73 to my niece as a Christmas present last year. So now Im using a Nokia 1209 . A simple phone just right for SMS and phonecalls. No camera, no radio, no wifi. Which got me  confused...

Since we are planning for a new camera, I am eyeing for the simple Sony Bloggie PM5. Or I'll just upgrade my cellphone to an all in one gadget like the Nokia Phones where I can capture photos and videos, call and text, wifi to blog, and an mp3 player?

My husband likes the Sony videocam. I just forgot the model. But its a new one where its already 1080p HD. 160 HDD and some other features that makes me drool.

Im missing technology and I dont know which one to get.


Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

I have a small Sony cybershot that's really nice. Following from MBC. You can find me here:

shawn said...

Following from FFF on MBC
I have a simple camera and it takes great pictures.