Monday, February 15, 2010



i already gave birth! yey!!! thats why i wasnt able to blog for a few days. i gave birth to a healthy baby girl last february 11, 2010 at 9:26AM Philippine time. Her name is LOIS ASHLY F. DE GUZMAN. Named after her lolos (Lory and Luis). She is so lovely and adorable. She got daddys nose. and i think her lips was mine. and lolo lorys beautiful dimples. skin is as white as lola sary and as sensitive too. i cant tell bout her eyes yet. but the shape of her head looks like her ate emilys when she was that young.

today is her fourth day old. im having a hard time breastfeeding her. i believe i have plenty of milk because my bewbs is very hard and sore. but when she sips, its so excruciating! i feel like my nipple is going to fall off! i've been biting a lot of towels whenever shes going to suck up my milk. so i decided to use a breast pump and just bottle feed her with my milk.

and here is my new lovely angel..

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